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Cosmetic products photography and social media campaign for the beauty stix line from Nabila K Cosmetics

Nabila K’s Beauty Stix project is revolutionizing the way you apply blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, and lip liners. Beauty sticks are easy to carry and apply, whether you are getting ready in the morning or touching up on the go. Nabila K’s Beauty Stix use an easy-to-glide-on weightless formula enriched with vitamin E. Each stick is designed for long-wearing use, so you only need one application to get your dream look.
Brand: Nabila K Cosmetics

Idea & Concept
3D Modeling
Product photography
Digital/Social Campaign

‘it's important that the illustrations have a sophisticated feel.’

These versatile beauty sticks are your personal one-on-one consultation with your inner glamour girl, providing an effortless and captivating look every time. These shades exude a timeless and universally flattering allure that’s perfect for any occasion.

These beauty sticks are a multi-purpose gem, doubling as a blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow in one sleek stick. Achieve a natural, rosy flush on your cheeks, create captivating eye looks, or perfect your pout with this single, versatile product. And it’s gentle, making it perfect for daily use.

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