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Welcome to Eclectic M — an award-winning packaging and graphic design studio specialising in the beauty and fragrance fields

Our éclectic approach is based on the synergy of strategy, design and digital technology

We believe design has the power to invent new categories. Our approach focuses on using design to change people’s lives, making them better and brighter and to look beyond the horizon seeing what happens next.

packaging design

We love to create packaging in different styles, whether it will be minimalistic or bright and colourful designs. Anyway, the final result will worthily represent your product creating a strong brand feeling and enhancing your brand identity.

graphic design

In a very hectic life among the infoglut that surrounds us, we have just a few seconds to catch customers’ attention, tell the product story and impress our clients. Vivid images, unusual angles and catchy compositions are how we create our art and tell stories.

Eclectic M Design Studio Graphic and Printing Design

Eclectic M Design Studio Idea & Concept Development

idea & concept development

Do you have an idea? We will be happy to visualise, hone and improve it. We will ask you the right questions and will find the best solution altogether.

social media photos

Social media feeds are reflections of your brand's life. We will help to make this life rich, vivid, stress-free and multifaceted. Bright images, focus, and unique and unusual themes will captivate people to follow your brand life.

Eclectic M Design Studio Social Media Campaign and Photography

Eclectic M Design Studio Industrial  and Product Design

industrial design

Industrial design is what we love, and we always try to improve our skills in this specialisation. We adore and successfully develop decor items, jewellery, office supplies and technically sophisticated packaging.

product photography

Light, colour, textures, different angles and post-production work wonders. You will love your product even more when you see the result of our photography session. In the era of social media, a wide variety of diverse photographic material is vital for brand promotion.

Eclectic M Design Studio Cosmetic, Beauty and FMCG product Photography

Eclectic M Design Studio - 3D Modeling and Visualisation

3D modeling & visualisation

If your product does not yet physically exist, but you want to achieve a unique look and complex angle of view and create video content, we can create a 3D product model.


It is vital to test and thoroughly check the materials, shapes and sizes, and the physical feeling of the product. Prototyping is not a separate service but a part of the creation process. When we develop a product or packaging, we can create a real prototype of an object to test its properties and design physically.

We believe design is really about improving how things work and to create positive, permanent change.

Whether our work encompasses graphics, products, packaging or digital experiences – it’s all based on the needs of the intended user and comes down to making things better by balancing functionality and aesthetics.

We will be more than happy to say 'hello!' whether you are a colleague or a potential client  ︎︎︎

Join us!



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