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Oceanic Formula N - face cream packaging design

The "Oceanic Formula N" face cream incorporates effective marine ingredients, making it a TRUE treasure for anyone. The concept of 'Treasure from the Ocean's Depths' was the foundation for the cream bottle design. The central element of the packaging is an image of an ancient ceramic amphora, lost for centuries among reefs and seaweeds on the ocean floor, concealing something valuable within. This antique amphora, retrieved from the sea's depths and adorned with corals and seashells, perfectly encapsulates the classic image of a marine treasure that ignites the imagination.

It symbolises Atlantis's lost treasures and forbidden secrets and other civilisations submerged in the Ocean. Our focus wasn't solely on marine ingredients and microelements but also on the valuable and mystical revitalising and hydrating sensations experienced after using the cream.
Nabila K Cosmetics

Idea & Concept
3D Modeling
Visual identity
Product photography
Digital/Social Campaign
Video production

‘The treasure raised from the bottom of the sea.’


The main cream packaging consists of three primary components: an ancient amphora covered with corals, a jar with a sea glass-like texture, and a lid resembling a golden sea shell. Together, they form a unified composition symbolising an oceanic treasure. The cream inside represents a collaboration between the Ocean and a human, with natural ingredients combined scientifically. Thus, the packaging symbolises the unity of these efforts. The amphora is a human creation, but it is combined with the sea shell, corals, and a jar in colour, symbolising water.

‘Imperfections and raw textures increase the feelings of natural ingredients.’


The natural raw texture and the colours of the packaging are designed to highlight the natural qualities and the place of origin of the main components of the cream. An essential feature of this packaging is the use of technology to obtain a ceramic-like feel on the packaging. This technology allows us to achieve realism when creating textures of the amphora, the corals and the sea shells. Hand painting design elements are not ideal but make each package unique and natural.

‘Mediterranean amphora is a cultural and economic symbol of prosperity.’

The image of the Mediterranean amphora is a cultural and economic symbol of prosperity. In an effort to keep our most expensive goods intact, mediaeval merchant seafarers used amphorae and other ceramic vessels for transportation of rare incense and spices.

The incense and spices were used as medicinal and perfumery products and were worth their weight in gold. So, each amphora was considered a real treasure and a welcome acquisition for all the beauties of the world. That is why we used the image of an amphora creating this packaging.

Prototyping process



Every interaction between the customer and the product/brand should be exciting and memorable because every moment shared between the two is an impression of the brand left in the customer's memory. Keeping this fact in mind, we have decided to turn the plain protector casing into something wonderful and magical.  

‘The world of the corals and tropical fish on the palm.’


When the customers take off the upper part of the case, a small piece of a coral reef appears in their hand. Under the lid, they find a variety of paper shapes ranging from corals, fish and seaweed, which, when the lid is opened, escape and expand to present the cream located in the centre of this colourful arrangement. This way, we intend to make the first interaction with the product a memorable one and one that makes the customer want to experience it again.

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