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Oceanic Formula N - limited edition promotional packaging

The "Oceanic Formula N" face cream is developed based on very valuable and effective marine ingredients. These marine ingredients transform this cream into a true treasure for any woman. The concept of 'Treasure from the Ocean's Depths' is precisely what laid the foundation for the design of the “Oceanic Formula N” cream bottle.

For the cream's launch events, a limited presentation packaging was developed. The key task of the brief was to highlight and enhance the concept of 'Treasure from the Ocean's Depths'. An additional task was to achieve a WOW effect during the cream's presentation. Thus, packaging that imitates the seashore was born. Inside the classic-looking packaging, there's a piece of the seashore with natural shells and colorful pieces of oceanic glass.

Nabila K Cosmetics

Idea & Concept
Packaging design
Visual identity
Product photography
Digital/Social Campaign

‘It is one of the most exciting moments when you find something rare and wonderful on the beach.’

In the center of the packaging lies the cream jar, half-submerged in the surrounding sand. It is creating the illusion that it has just been washed ashore by a sea wave. Just a second ago, this cream was somewhere in the sea, and now you are pulling it out of the wet sand, enjoying an unexpected marine treasure. Everyone remembers that thrilling feeling when you manage to find something beautiful on the seashore. During the event, this feeling could be experienced by everyone who received this packaging.

‘The painted foam rubber perfectly imitates the texture and density of wet coastal sand.’

The sand imitation is made of painted foam rubber. It not only perfectly imitates wet sea sand but also wonderfully protects the cream from damage. The foam's cutout is specifically made a bit smaller than the jar's dimensions to mimic the enveloping properties of sea sand.

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