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Ruffs & Cuffs - perfume packaging design

“Ruffs and Cuffs” is a pair of perfumes that resemble stylised male and female figures in Victorian costumes. Elegant dark blue and burgundy perfume bottles imitate a medieval Nobel couple in love. In those days, the distinctive element of the nobleman's costume was the ruffled Victorian collar and the wavy texture of the fabric on dresses and camisoles. 

The "Ruffs & Cuffs" perfume collection showcases the artistry of the past and embodies the allure of theatricality and fantasy. As you indulge in these enchanting fragrances, you'll feel like a character from an age-old tale, wrapped in an aura of charm and allure that's truly magical.

Ruffs & Cuffs

Idea & Concept
Packaging Design
3D Modeling
Visual Identity
Digital/Social Campaign

‘These characters are inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet.’

The design of the bottles emphasises the elegant scents of perfumes, and the Victorian collars create the mood and atmosphere of balls, sophisticated aromas and refined manners. These artfully crafted vessels celebrate the grandeur and drama of the past while adorning your dressing table with mystique and elegance.

From a design point of view, the stylised collars and heads of the figures work as bottle caps, hiding the sprinklers underneath. One of the main tasks was to disguise the bottle as something unusual, such as a figurine. The bottles' shapes are thought out so that their contours match each other, creating a paired composition.

‘Shaped like a captivating medieval princess or enchantress, the bottle exudes femininity with its gentle curves and delicate features.’

The Female Perfume.

The female fragrance bottle is a mesmerising embodiment of grace and allure. The stylized Victorian ruffled collar adorns the bottle's neck, emphasising elegance and charm. Inspired by the intricate embellishments of medieval gowns, the bottle is lavishly decorated with shimmering gold accents. The glass is tinged with a regal garnet hue, reflecting the aura of royalty. The fragrance is a delightful symphony of floral bouquets and luscious fruits, leaving a trail of enchantment and mystery wherever it's worn.

‘The bottle's silhouette is reminiscent of a medieval figure, complete with decorative elements inspired by medieval art.’

The Male Cologne

The male fragrance bottle in the "Ruffs & Cuffs" collection stands tall and commanding, reminiscent of a gallant knight preparing for a theatrical performance. The bottle's design exudes strength and confidence. The dark blue glass of the bottle is contrasted with rich gold accents, evoking the splendour of royal attire. The fragrance within captivates the senses with a blend of bold spices, aromatic woods, and a hint of leather, exuding a powerful and alluring aura.

Travel version and limited editions

Many women like to carry a small bottle of their favourite perfume in a purse to refresh the scent throughout the day. Especially for this occasion, we have developed a cute small bottle. The small bottle is also made as a figurine to continue the central concept. This little girl in an airy dress logically complements the main set of perfumes, and together, they form a loving family.

We have developed a small mini-stand i style of European patio to present perfume in premium stores.

In case additional fragrances need to be released to expand the range, the design can easily be changed with the new colours of the main bottle. In this way, a more premium or conservative look can be achieved, depending on the character of the new fragrance.

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